Beatbox Kids

beat­bo­xing work­shops for kids

The “Beat­box Kids” pro­ject was made for kids to spe­ak more cle­ar­ly. We’ve cre­ated a beat­box book for kids with video les­sons and a free mobi­le app. We’re doing a series of beat­bo­xing work­shops, whe­re kids have fun with music using the­ir voices.

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See Patryk Tik­Tak Mate­la spe­ak on beat­bo­xing at Paci­fic Voice Con­fe­ren­ce

Beatbox Book

„Beats and noise from my mouth and nose” is beat­box book for kids. Know­led­ge abo­ut music, rhy­thm, vocal ana­to­my and beat­bo­xing is pre­sen­ted to the kids thro­ugh 30 pages of frien­dly and fun­ny illu­stra­tions. The book con­ta­ins 8 video les­sons. It’s ava­ia­la­ble in print, e-book and audio­bo­ok form.

Beatbox Kids Mobile App

A uni­que mobi­le app is a part of the Beat­box Kids pro­ject. It con­ta­ins 8 video les­sons, a looper to record your own sounds and a beat grid to arran­ge beats into rhy­thms. Let’s not avo­id tech­no­lo­gy – just use it wise­ly. Beat­box Kids is ava­ia­ble on Andro­id and iOS in Polish and English.

Workshops for Kids

The core of Beat­box Kids pro­ject are beat­bo­xing work­shops for kids. It’s an oppor­tu­ni­ty to have fun, learn the basics of music and gain cofi­den­ce. Even after one-time work­shops the kids usu­al­ly remem­ber a lot of sounds and rhy­thms and prac­ti­ce at home. The work­shops don’t com­pe­te aga­inst pro­fes­sio­nal spe­ech the­ra­py, but com­ple­ment it.

Video Beatbox Lessons

The book con­ta­ins links to 8 video les­sons, hel­ping kids to get star­ted with beat­bo­xing. The vide­os are 2-4 minu­tes each and expla­in beat­box sounds and rhy­thms from the book. Vide­os are ava­ila­ble onli­ne at 4K (4096×2160 px) reso­lu­tion . With time, we will add more onli­ne beat­box les­sons.

with beatboxing your kids will:

Po zajęciach beatbox dla dzieci będziemy lepiej oddychać

Learn to breathe better

Po zajęciach beatbox dziecko zacznie wyraźniej mówić

Speak more clearly

Po zajęciach beatbox dziecko zyska pewność siebie

Gain self-confidence

Dziecko po warsztatach beatbox ma wyrobione poczucie rytmu

Improve sense of rhythm

Forget expensive gear

Virgin Mobile Academy

The „Beat­box Kids” pro­ject has com­pe­ted aga­inst 600 other cul­tu­re star­tups at the Vir­gin Music Aca­de­my 2015/2016 and won the 1st pri­ze una­ni­mo­usly. See the grand fina­le in the video (only ava­ila­ble in Polish).

Virgin Mobile Academy

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