Co w paszczy piszczy

beatbox workshops for kids

text, video: Patryk Matela, illustrations: Anna Karolina Matela

Okładka książki "Co w paszczy piszczy?" beatbox dla dzieci
Beatbox Kids

The „Beatbox Kids” project is for the kids to speak more clearly. How do we do it? We’ve created a beatbox children’s book along with video lessons for kids, a 3D model illustrating the anatomy of the vocal tract, and most of all, a series of workshops teaching kids about breathing and rhythm through beatboxing. We’re coming to a school or community center in your area soon!

Beatboxing for kids main cover

„…” is a book for kindergarten or elementary school kids opening the doors into the world of beatboxing – rhythmically creating sounds with your mouth.

Beatboxing for kids imitating a drum kick

Beatboxing for kids is a fairly new concept, gaining recognition among both speech therapists and music teachers. It is a valid method of teaching basic music theory and a fun way to practice clear speech.

Book illustrations

Knowledge about music, rhythm, vocal anatomy and beatboxing is presented to the kids through 28 pages of friendly and funny illustrations. Here are some of them. Click any image to enlarge.

For parents – why is beatboxing important for your child?

After a few beatbox workshops, your child will develop a feeling for rhythm and strengthen the face muscles used for speaking clearly – having a lot of fun at the same time. After having read the book, both parents and kids will be able to enjoy beatbox jams. Your child will:

After the beatbox workshops for kids your child will breathe better

Your son will learn to breathe better

During the beatboxing classes we teach breathing and efficient use of the diaphragm – for both beatboxing and speaking. After a couple classes, the students develop deeper breathing habits, a stronger voice and generally use the diaphragm more. How do we do it? Through fun and games obviously! Blowing out candles, sticking pieces of paper to the wall with your breath, soap bubbles and other activities that you can easily repeat at home later. By the way, when we breathe deeply, we exhale 70% of toxins from our bodies – it’s the most important natural detox method. Breathing is the most basic skill in our life, well worth focusing on.

After the beatbox classes your kids will speak more clearly

Your daughter will speak more clearly

Beatbox workshops strengthen most of our 40 face muscles, mainly the tongue, cheeks and lips. Beatboxing is speech therapy, acting classes and music lessons – all in one. In fact, we use a bit of ‘Peter Pepper’ kind of tongue-twisters as a warm-up. Mumbling is often caused by the lack of training of vocal muscles. When we imitate various animals or urban sounds, it’s not only fun but also fantastic vocal fitness.

Your kids will become more self-confident

Your kids will become more self-confident

Every group activity, from physical exercises to language or musical classes, develop your child’s social skills. When beatboxing in front of an audience, we learn to let go of our fear of public performances. This improves our results in a range of social situations like exams, school theater and corporate presentations. Remember how nervous you used to get before a public appearance? What if you had tools to make you more immune to stress?

Kids improve their sense of rhythm during beatboxing classes

Improve the sense of rhythm

Thanks to a range of rhythm exercises, kids improve their sensitivity to music. They learn to improvise, a skill that is useful throughout life. Sense of rhythm also improves the sync between brain hemispheres, just like juggling. Kids have a better ability to filter out distractions and simply focus. Plus, when we understand music, we just dance better! Forget clumsiness, enjoy the grace of a dancer!

When your passion is beatboxing, forget about expensive gear

Forget about expensive gear

As opposed to buying drums or turntables for thousands of dollars or euros, you don’t need anything to practice beatboxing. Your instruments are literally under your nose! Mouth music is mobile. You can take it anywhere to play with – or compete against – your school friends. In case your child loses interest in beatboxing, all they lose is fun. And the parents are not left with a ton of expensive gear lying about.

Of course, we could count a lot more reasons for your kids to start beatboxing. But why not try it yourselves? Just grab our book or take your kids to our classes and see how they react – 99% of the time we guarantee a happy session of air-puffing, mouth-stretching and giggling.

The video on the left presents a workshop session by the author of the book Patryk TikTak Matela. The lessons tooks place in 2004 in the Kryniczna st. Kindergarten, Warsaw, Poland.

3d model

3d model

We’ll have an educational 3d model available with the book, showing the anatomy of the vocal tract – the lungs, diaphragm, windpipe, tongue etc will be presented in a simplified way appealing to kids. The model will be around 5 inches (or 12 cm) tall.

The model is originally white, so as an additional activity, parents can color the model with regular acryllic paints. The 3d print schematics will be available on this site, so you can create your own gadgets in any chosen size. The model will be available separately or bundled with the book.

The 3d model was created by Krzysztof Kuczyński, a cool 3d artist.

Beatbox videos for kids

In the book, there will be a total of 8 videos, helping kids to understand the world of beatboxing. The videos will be available on this site and linked via QR codes in the book.

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