Video beatbox lessons

Both the „Beats and noise from my mouth and nose” book and the Beatbox Kids mobile app contain 8 short video lessons aimed at the youngest beatboxers. The total video time is around 20 minutes. Due to the 4K quality (and thus size) of the videos, they’re available exclusively online.

The beatbox video lessons can be accessed by scanning the QR code with a mobile device. The QR code scanner is a tiny free app, that you can get for any mobile device with any system.

Download for Android

Download the QR scanner for Android

Download for iOS

Download the QR scanner for iOS

Download for Windows Phone

Download the QR scanner for Windows Phone

Beatbox Kids mobile app

The Beatbox Kids mobile app contains free access to 8 video beatbox lessons. In the future more videos will be added and available at a small fee through micropayments in the store.