Co w paszczy piszczy

beat­box work­shops for kids

text, video: Patryk Matela, illu­stra­tions: Anna Karolina Matela

Okładka książki "Co w paszczy piszczy?" beatbox dla dzieci
Beatbox Kids

The “Beatbox Kids” pro­ject is for the kids to spe­ak more cle­ar­ly. How do we do it? We’ve cre­ated a beat­box children’s book along with video les­sons for kids, a 3D model illu­stra­ting the ana­to­my of the vocal tract, and most of all, a series of work­shops teaching kids abo­ut bre­athing and rhy­thm thro­ugh beat­bo­xing. We’re coming to a scho­ol or com­mu­ni­ty cen­ter in your area soon!

Beatboxing for kids main cover

“…” is a book for kin­der­gar­ten or ele­men­ta­ry scho­ol kids ope­ning the doors into the world of beat­bo­xing – rhy­th­mi­cal­ly cre­ating sounds with your mouth.

Beatboxing for kids imitating a drum kick

Beatboxing for kids is a fair­ly new con­cept, gaining reco­gni­tion among both spe­ech the­ra­pi­sts and music teachers. It is a valid method of teaching basic music the­ory and a fun way to prac­ti­ce cle­ar speech.

Book illustrations

Knowledge abo­ut music, rhy­thm, vocal ana­to­my and beat­bo­xing is pre­sen­ted to the kids thro­ugh 28 pages of frien­dly and fun­ny illu­stra­tions. Here are some of them. Click any ima­ge to enlarge.

For parents – why is beatboxing important for your child?

After a few beat­box work­shops, your child will deve­lop a feeling for rhy­thm and streng­then the face musc­les used for spe­aking cle­ar­ly – having a lot of fun at the same time. After having read the book, both parents and kids will be able to enjoy beat­box jams. Your child will:

After the beatbox workshops for kids your child will breathe better

Your son will learn to breathe better

During the beat­bo­xing clas­ses we teach bre­athing and effi­cient use of the dia­ph­ragm – for both beat­bo­xing and spe­aking. After a couple clas­ses, the stu­dents deve­lop deeper bre­athing habits, a stron­ger voice and gene­ral­ly use the dia­ph­ragm more. How do we do it? Through fun and games obvio­usly! Blowing out can­dles, stic­king pie­ces of paper to the wall with your bre­ath, soap bub­bles and other acti­vi­ties that you can easi­ly repe­at at home later. By the way, when we bre­athe deeply, we exha­le 70% of toxins from our bodies – it’s the most impor­tant natu­ral detox method. Breathing is the most basic skill in our life, well worth focu­sing on.

After the beatbox classes your kids will speak more clearly

Your daughter will speak more clearly

Beatbox work­shops streng­then most of our 40 face musc­les, main­ly the ton­gue, che­eks and lips. Beatboxing is spe­ech the­ra­py, acting clas­ses and music les­sons – all in one. In fact, we use a bit of ‘Peter Pepper’ kind of tongue-twisters as a warm-up. Mumbling is often cau­sed by the lack of tra­ining of vocal musc­les. When we imi­ta­te vario­us ani­mals or urban sounds, it’s not only fun but also fan­ta­stic vocal fitness.

Your kids will become more self-confident

Your kids will become more self-confident

Every gro­up acti­vi­ty, from phy­si­cal exer­ci­ses to lan­gu­age or musi­cal clas­ses, deve­lop your child’s social skills. When beat­bo­xing in front of an audien­ce, we learn to let go of our fear of public per­for­man­ces. This impro­ves our results in a ran­ge of social situ­ations like exams, scho­ol the­ater and cor­po­ra­te pre­sen­ta­tions. Remember how nervo­us you used to get befo­re a public appe­aran­ce? What if you had tools to make you more immu­ne to stress?

Kids improve their sense of rhythm during beatboxing classes

Improve the sense of rhythm

Thanks to a ran­ge of rhy­thm exer­ci­ses, kids impro­ve the­ir sen­si­ti­vi­ty to music. They learn to impro­vi­se, a skill that is use­ful thro­ugho­ut life. Sense of rhy­thm also impro­ves the sync betwe­en bra­in hemi­sphe­res, just like jug­gling. Kids have a bet­ter abi­li­ty to fil­ter out distrac­tions and sim­ply focus. Plus, when we under­stand music, we just dan­ce bet­ter! Forget clum­si­ness, enjoy the gra­ce of a dancer!

When your passion is beatboxing, forget about expensive gear

Forget about expensive gear

As oppo­sed to buy­ing drums or turn­ta­bles for tho­usands of dol­lars or euros, you don’t need any­thing to prac­ti­ce beat­bo­xing. Your instru­ments are lite­ral­ly under your nose! Mouth music is mobi­le. You can take it any­whe­re to play with – or com­pe­te aga­inst – your scho­ol friends. In case your child loses inte­rest in beat­bo­xing, all they lose is fun. And the parents are not left with a ton of expen­si­ve gear lying about.

Of cour­se, we could count a lot more reasons for your kids to start beat­bo­xing. But why not try it your­se­lves? Just grab our book or take your kids to our clas­ses and see how they react – 99% of the time we guaran­tee a hap­py ses­sion of air-puffing, mouth-stretching and giggling.

The video on the left pre­sents a work­shop ses­sion by the author of the book Patryk TikTak Matela. The les­sons tooks pla­ce in 2004 in the Kryniczna st. Kindergarten, Warsaw, Poland.

3d model

3d model

We’ll have an edu­ca­tio­nal 3d model ava­ila­ble with the book, sho­wing the ana­to­my of the vocal tract – the lungs, dia­ph­ragm, wind­pi­pe, ton­gue etc will be pre­sen­ted in a sim­pli­fied way appe­aling to kids. The model will be aro­und 5 inches (or 12 cm) tall.

The model is ori­gi­nal­ly whi­te, so as an addi­tio­nal acti­vi­ty, parents can color the model with regu­lar acryl­lic paints. The 3d print sche­ma­tics will be ava­ila­ble on this site, so you can cre­ate your own gadgets in any cho­sen size. The model will be ava­ila­ble sepa­ra­te­ly or bun­dled with the book.

The 3d model was cre­ated by Krzysztof Kuczyński, a cool 3d artist.

Beatbox videos for kids

In the book, the­re will be a total of 8 vide­os, hel­ping kids to under­stand the world of beat­bo­xing. The vide­os will be ava­ila­ble on this site and lin­ked via QR codes in the book.

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