Video beatbox lessons

Both the “Beats and noise from my mouth and nose” book and the Beatbox Kids mobi­le app con­ta­in 8 short video les­sons aimed at the youn­gest beat­bo­xers. The total video time is aro­und 20 minu­tes. Due to the 4K quali­ty (and thus size) of the vide­os, they’re ava­ila­ble exc­lu­si­ve­ly online.

The beat­box video les­sons can be acces­sed by scan­ning the QR code with a mobi­le devi­ce. The QR code scan­ner is a tiny free app, that you can get for any mobi­le devi­ce with any system.

Download for Android

Download the QR scan­ner for Android

Download for iOS

Download the QR scan­ner for iOS

Download for Windows Phone

Download the QR scan­ner for Windows Phone

Beatbox Kids mobile app

The Beatbox Kids mobi­le app con­ta­ins free access to 8 video beat­box les­sons. In the futu­re more vide­os will be added and ava­ila­ble at a small fee thro­ugh micro­pay­ments in the store.