Beatbox Kids

beatboxing workshops for kids

The “Beat­box Kids” pro­ject was made for kids to spe­ak more cle­ar­ly. We’ve cre­ated a beat­box book for kids with video les­sons and a free mobile app. We’re doing a series of beat­bo­xing work­shops, where kids have fun with music using their voices.

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Patryk TikTak Matela speaking about „Beatboxing as a Speech Development Tool” at an international medical event called Pacific Voice Conference 2016 in Lublin, Poland

Beatbox Book

„Sounds and Noise from your Mouth and Nose” is a beatbox book for kids. Bits abo­ut music, rhy­thm, vocal ana­to­my and beat­bo­xing is pre­sen­ted thro­ugh over 30 pages of child-frien­dly and fun­ny illu­stra­tions. The book contains 8 video lessons. It’s avaialable in print, e-book and audiobook form.

Currently the e-book is available in English. Buy it now at 19 USD.
Videos in English are being re-shot and are will be available by Jan 2021.

Beatbox Audiobook
Beatbox e-book
Beatbox książka
Beatbox Kids printed book
Książka Beatbox Kids "Co w paszczy piszczy?"

Beatbox Kids Mobile App

A unique mobile app is a part of the Beatbox Kids project. It contains 8 video lessons, a looper to record your own sounds and a beat grid to arrange beats into rhythms. Let’s not avoid technology – just use it wisely. Beatbox Kids is avaiable on Android and iOS in Polish and English.

Workshops for Kids

The core of Beatbox Kids project are beatboxing workshops for kids. It’s an opportunity to have fun, learn the basics of music and gain cofidence. Even after one-time workshops the kids usually remember a lot of sounds and rhythms and practice at home. The workshops don’t compete against professional speech therapy, but complement it.

Warsztaty Beatbox Kids
Beatbox Kids videos

Video Beatbox Lessons

The book contains links to 8 video lessons, helping kids to get started with beatboxing. The videos are 2-4 minutes each and explain beatbox sounds and rhythms from the book. Videos are available online at 4K (4096×2160 px) resolution . With time, we will add more online beatbox lessons.

with beatboxing your kids will:

Po zajęciach beatbox dla dzieci będziemy lepiej oddychać

Learn to breathe better

Po zajęciach beatbox dziecko zacznie wyraźniej mówić

Speak more clearly

Po zajęciach beatbox dziecko zyska pewność siebie

Gain self-confidence

Dziecko po warsztatach beatbox ma wyrobione poczucie rytmu

Improve your rhythm

Forget expensive gear

Virgin Mobile Academy

The „Beatbox Kids” project has competed against 600 other culture startups at the Virgin Music Academy 2015/2016 and won the 1st prize by unanimous expert jury vote. Check out the video (Polish audio, English subtitles).

Virgin Mobile Academy

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